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Les Très Riches Heures - Maius


Hæc amatorum mensis Maii collectio musicæ mediæ & renascentiæ Ætatis XVII madrigales & altera genera carminum dulcis amoris in lingua latina sed uulgare sive barbara tam anglica in exemplum continet. Multa opera sunt uocalia non modo bardorum uel compositorum tamquam de Francisco Patauino uel Iohanne Symone sed etiam de quibusque anonymis cantatoribus qui omnes flagrantiam blandiendi dominarum pulcherissimarum aut desiderium eas inuitandi ad saltationem intonunt

17 tracks
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Salve amici! Thanks @noknow, for your profound comment!!! Also thanks to @aunt13 for being in the mood of this! And thxx 2 U 2, @Btrxz hopin' ur daughters will nvr asq u bwt ur inspiratio 4 ur pyntng.... ;) MIHI ID QVOD FECISTIS EST GRATISSIMVM!!

I concur w/13 perfect for cuttiig my daughters room I did a great job and no small part due 2 this mix THX so much!!

yes, really unbelievable... very wide range with you @leiwandesk... love your mixes... was really in the mood for one of your pieces, thank you

wow. this is mesmerizing. you have a very incredible range of genres in your repertoire thank you for such a fantastic departure from that which i'm accustomed to!