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Les Très Riches Heures - Martius


Dux Berriensis cum ea ultima diuitissima hora in mense Martii auditoribus viii cantorum quæ musicam e tempore Dantis item unum canticum de tres sororibus, & aliquot trobadorum coronæ Aragonensis & Franciæ medieualis continent ualet.

8 tracks
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I just notice that this one has a slightly different tag from the others. It's written «très» with the «accent grave» when the others are only «tres». I don't know if it changes anything with the results of a research. oh and excellent playlist by the way ;) «La plus belle - Pacem» is particulary nice.

Fanky fanks @FreakyFranky for your your kind comment! And, well, I don't know either if the spelling would make any difference, but I just changed the tag anyway... ;-)