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RIAS Revisited: New Wave Festival 1980 - Blick in die Zukunft


You´re not invited to stay, you´re not intended to go. Can you tell the future? I don´t think so. You should hear the warning if you read the signs.

37 tracks of classic New Wave & Punk bringing back memories of six nights "Rock over RIAS" broadcasting special by RIAS Berlin feat. Interzone and DEVO.

37 tracks
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ah Denis....I had a friend called Denis who I miss very much...don't even know where he is... his eyes are brown though.

Great mix, Some of my favs plus a couple I hadn't even heard ( and I thought I was a big new wave fan) epecially the Headboys tune, don't know how that one got by me the first time around...

Looking back into the future in 1980!

For further information on the unique radio station RIAS Berlin please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rundfunk_im_amerikanischen_Sektor

On oldiestopten.de/rias2.htm" rel="external">http://www.oldiestopten.de/rias2.htm you can listen to more than 4 hours of the original "Rock over RIAS: New Wave Festival - Blick in die Zukunft" radio transmission from July 1980 - including tracks by many (nowadays) little known bands of the "Neue Deutsche Welle" (New German Wave) as well as some nuggets of the Punk, Rockabilly and New Wave-scene in the U.K. and the United States!