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Straight to HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO... from the Underworld


Out of the land of shadows and darkness, we were returning towards the morning light. Almost in reach of places I knew escaping the ghosts of yesterday. You were behind me following closely. "Don't turn around now", I heard you whisper in my ear. "If you should turn now, all that you won will vanish just like a passing dream."

4+2xgr8tracks featuring Aleister Crowley, Anneliese Michel, Charles Manson, Nick Cave and the Clash

20 tracks
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Cover: Children possessed by the infamous Enfield Poltergeist flying high through their haunted house. The same poltergeist appears on the first track of the mix when it's disguising the kids' voices. So if you never heard a poltergeist before, you're just one mouse click away from listening to one of them...... further reading: http://www.zurichmansion.org/ghosts/video2.html and http://www.badpsychics.co.uk/badghosts/modules/news/article.php?sto...

So...nachdem ich den ersten Track überstanden habe darf man sich wohl mit Peter Frampton weitergruseln? Schöner Track. Und der Anfang von Clash hört sich so an als hätte sich MIA für "Paper Planes" dabei bedient. Ach egal...ich hör auch schon Stimmen!