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The Riddle: The Gap


Try to find the missing link that keeps all these 8tracks together if you like. Feel free to suggest a solution by commenting. The first one who got the correct answer will receive a little handcrafted mix by me in return.

SOLVED! by @SpaceBunnySounds

8 tracks
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As promised a few key notes on this little tribute to some drummers who have passed away: LedZep's opener with John Bonham (d. 1985) on drums is followed by YSPWSD who shortened their name to "We Say Party" after the tragic death of drummer Devon Clifford during a gig in 2010. "Little Bird" is one of a few songs by the Beach Boys which was co-written by Dennis Wilson drowned in 1983. U.S. punk band The Queers' Hugh O'Neill died of brain cancer in 1999, but is also remembered with a song from one of my favorite punk records from the 90s. The next one I've chosen is Jeff Porcaro (d. 1992), according to some web sources "one of the most recorded drummers in history", and also a founding member of MoR group Toto. Similar to Dennis Wilson the drummer of one of my most beloved homegrown beat groups, Heinz Hoff, tragically drowned in the Adriatic Sea (1998). Nothing left to say about "Moon the Loon" here, but I picked "Won't get fooled again", because it was the last song the original lineup of the Who ever performed together. Last not least it's the Band doing a version of "I shall be released" with recently deceased Levon Helm on drums. Oh, and btw. "Helm" means "helmet" in German, but it's also phonetically the NY cab driver's name causing some fun in Jarmusch's masterpiece "Night on Earth".

I don't know every band on here, but I believe they all have drummers who died? I started suspecting this around track 3 (though I'm not familiar with the second band), but it wasn't until track 7 came on that I was actually pretty sure.

Yesssir, you got it!! It's the drummer who is gone, but not forgotten, indeed! So, I'm glad to do do an exquisite mix for you - full of space bunny sounds I hope you'll like, should be done till next weekend. Congrats again!! :D

Oooh, I want to try but will have to give it my full attention. Saving this one for when I'm not in the office...

Though there are no liquid beats included on this one, you may get it after track 3 (if you've already got a certain guess after the 2nd). Good luck, mister! ;)