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The week again four million people waiting for next Sunday!

Introduced by Walter Ruttmann's amazing 11 minutes sound collage from 1930 this mix got 23 gr8rax: an imaginary soundtrack of the silent movie People on Sunday showing 5 young residents of Berlin on a summerlike day in Weimar Germany.

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The following is taken from the DVD English translation of the original intertitle plates :

PEOPLE ON SUNDAY was premiered in February, 1930, in Berlin. It was then 2,014 metres long. The original negative has been lost; no complete copy exists. This version is derived from a copy from the Netherlands Film Museum. The Dutch version is shorter, 1,615 m. Missing scenes have been reinserted: Copies from the Swiss Cinématèque, the Royal Belgian Cinématèque, and the ltalian Fondazione Cineteca supplied missing scenes. New German intertitles based on Censor's records were made. The film is now 1,829 metres long.

Film Studio 1929 presents
its first experiment

A film without actors

Produced by Moriz Seeler. Screenplay by Billie Wilder from a reportage by Kurt Siodmak. Photography by Eugen Schüfftan. Directed by Robert Siodmak, Edgar G. Ulmer. These five people appeared before a camera for the first time in their lives. Today they are all back in their own jobs: Erwin Splettstösser drives Taxi 1A 10088; last month, Brigitte Borchert sold 150 copies of the record "In einer kleinen Konditorei (In a small pastry shop)"; Wolfgang von Waltershausen, officer, farmer, antique dealer, gigolo, wine trader; Christl Ehlers wears out her shoes running after roles as a film extra, Annie Schreyer, a model.