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Return Of The Drifter

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WOOOOW!!! Followed by my all-time top Neil fav (and there are so many other gr8 songs by him!)!!! Always blessed for: "Big John's been drinking since the river took Emmylou" - Pure genius, marvellous!!

yup neil has soooo many great tunes but that one is right up there with cortez the killer and down by the river for me!

"Hello Ruby in the dust!" You're so damn right, man!! Cortez is also my close runner-up - while my best friend regards these two masterpieces just the other way round. Oh, and yes "Down by the river" would finish 3rd as well - but together w Cowgirl in the Sand, because "together we may get away"

he he ya i would put cowgirl and like a hurricane a tie for me....but lets face it there is no bad mr young....i even the the album withe the shocking pinks! this is goin on a mix im workin on now!

was this a big hit in Germany? i actually like it......and do you know if it translates to the same lyrics...

Most definitely. 15-year-old Juliane Werding had a No.1-Hit back in 1972 and stayed on top of the Billboards for 14 weeks. The lyrics are different though: "Am Tag als Conny Kramer starb" translates as "The day that Conny Kramer died" ...it's about a drug addict.

cool...i guess we both learned something new today!....im sure the had to pay the band some royalties!....and makes sense on the lyrics as im sure the american civil war doesnt have a lot of meaning in the fatherland!

Tss. tss... Asche auf Dein Haupt... ;-) aber war schon 'ne süße, die Jule ;-) Tja, wenn Du denkst, Du denkst usw. und wer hat's geschrieben? ^^^@lemmyxx btw. Juliane had another hit in the 70s I remember, it's "If you think you think then you only think you think..." written by the one and only famous infamous Gunter G. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z63y0B4A9rs the song is about a girl drinking beer w some tough guys in a bar and who's laughing best because she laughs last...