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long time, no sound


오랫동안 난 얼마나 너를 믿으려 애를 썼는지
넌 내 목소리마저 잊어 가겠지

For a long time I tried so hard to believe you
but you'd probably forget even my voice.

  • 넌 쉽게 말했지만 (With 윤상) by 조원선
  • stero by 투명(twomyung)
  • 그대 by 오지은
  • Ribbon In The Sea by Uyama Hiroto
  • Daishi Dance by DAISHI DANCE
  • 습관 (bye-bye) by Roller Coaster
  • After Love (Female Ver.) by Clazziquai
  • After Hours by Hawaii 5-0
8 tracks
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