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you do that, sweetheart


"...names like pain cries, names
like tombstones, names forgotten and reinvented,
names forbidden or overused. your name like
a song I sing to myself, your name like a box
where I keep my love..."


for lovers who have solely survived war, rebellion, the apocalypse. for lovers who have no one else. for lovers who, despite all of this, are too alike to ever work.


requiem for haymitch & katniss.

12 tracks
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@anon-1689768477926983 omg thank you so much this is literally amazing to hear, this is one of my fave mixes i've ever made and it means so much to know that people are still listening to it a year and a half later

@followingwaves thank you so much!!! (confession this is probably my favorite mix i've made and i think it's because i was working on a hella fic while gathering songs and i was super inspired so this means a lot!)