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Code Word: Red.


Soundtrack for a Black Widow solo movie.

After the events of Captain America: The Winter Solider, former Russian spy Natasha Romenoff aka Black Widow have finally left her dark history behind. As she continues life being an agent of SHIELD and Avenger.
Turns out Romenoff’s past isn’t at rest…

Now, it has come back to haunt her. As things begin to heat up in the US, SHIELD assigned her to return back in Russia to deal with the situation.
Black Widow faces up against the ‘family’ turned enemies who created her sinful life. The Winter Soldier returns to help her.
Can Natasha close the book on the past for good, while her life hangs in the balance?

(alternative song titles with scene descriptions in the annotates.)

18 tracks
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@sergeantjerk well, no one seems to agree how to spell her name right ;) Seriously, one comic issue and three different way of spelling... also Yalena is some sort of enemy, maybe not in the way Hydra is, but she is. I just gave her a little spin.