Is this playlist safe for work?

Baby, Need a ride?

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@bootsforthewild I checked and it seems to be working for me? I'll try re-adding the track, I hope that fixes it. Thank you for the heads up, I appreciate it!

@leonandon It must be because I am in Canada, that hadn't occurred to me. I am getting Love is the Drug by Bryan Ferry. It is pretty different and not as fitting, ha. Will have to wait until I am in the States again to listen to this properly it seems.

@raycharl i dunno if you know this was made for a sandbox au where there is a kelpie (like the faerie?) only instead of being a literal horse you ride on who then drowns you in whatever body of water he's associated with he has a sick car that he takes people for the ride of their life in if you DID know this then this comment makes very little sense, but i'm getting the feeling that you didn't know this was for urban magic yogs. in which case this playlist seems much much more terrifying and awful and i should maybe change the description?

@leonandon had no idea what this was about, just came across the playlist when it got recommended to me on the side of the page. sorry that was a little rude touchy subject have a good day