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it's gamma shift somewhere


jim always acts like he hates bones's music, but bones gets back to their dorm early from the hospital one day and finds jim lying on his bunk, singing trace adkins. if bones wasn't already head-over-heels for the kid, he would be now.

(15 country songs jim sings constantly, +1 he sings to bones when he thinks he's asleep)

16 tracks
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i used to swear that i hated country music but this mix has converted me and now i can't stop listening to it!! and the fact that it's jim kirk inspired makes it that much better so way to go! great mix :)

oh wow this makes me so happy! I love Jim Kirk related country mixes - there aren't enough of them, and this one is really great!! I can totally picture him singing those songs, and the last one is just wonderful for McKirk :) Thanks for putting this mix together!

This mix is so lovely~ I haven't heard a lot of country music, but it seems perfect for Jim - it's so expressive - and you've chosen wonderful songs to represent him. The final song is making me grin so wide, haha~ Thank you for making this! x