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goals: to be that girl from the early 2000’s teen movie that is like so attractive with her signature winged eyeliner and interesting and exotic to people that she’s the subject of an entire movies’ worth of conversations to the point where she can just wear black converse and chokers with flannel, enjoying a smoothie and she gets to ride off into a sunset with her clique, as some laid back r&b tune in the background and she gets to smile and be happy with her individuality because nobody realizes she’s actually just super weird.
note: my heart will always have a soft spot for these jams mainly because they bring back some precious memories.

30th/// aaliyah + daft punk + justin timberlake
ps. i made a ~sequel~to this mix, check it out: http://8tracks.com/andreeacurcubitaceea/goldie-ii

33 tracks