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devil in the deep dark ocean


" Disgraced was her birth // from cradle to coffin // shall wickedness be her passion // Hail the oceanborn! "

a mix for malachite; boiling in the ocean with hatred, unable to comprehend the war in her head, and only able to implode


An experimental mix as little is known about her. I didn't want to make this a Lazuli/Jasper playlist as I'm not a fan of the ship unless it's horrific, twisted, & Lazuli is portrayed as the aggressor, but I decided to lean into these concepts instead of avoiding the ship entirely.

IMPORTANT; this mix is dark & pushing NSFW, it may not be suitable for all listeners for sexual themes & general awfulness, feel free to flag it as such if you think it qualifies

Album art; http://bit.ly/2g13kKF

11 tracks