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flower knight


"I'm just a pearl. I'm nothing on my own."
"You are your own person. You control your destiny... But you must choose to be strong."


I can't believe I live in a time where I can watch a kid's show about a lesbian slave-girl taking up a sword on cable TV.

Album Art; http://bit.ly/29098Ow | tumblr; http://bit.ly/29a1qpY

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I love that you started this with such an intense song!! It's refreshing, since a lot of ppl just give Pearl very "pretty" songs, but that one started out waaayy different

@dweeboocutie Thank you ! ! Of course I wanted songs that captured the character and her story, and there's much more to Pearl than just 'pretty'. The first song was intended to be Pearl's creation as a servant [selfless, robotic] and Rose disrupting that belief by offering something deeper, along with the internal conflict that comes with that.