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vogue your way to the obscurity


This is a playlist, excessive hardon of dance-pop, 90s house infused only for dancing, mostly modern and vogueing.

Do it wisely.

Death drop for the space gods, henny!

  • Masters At Work by Masters at Work
  • Fierce (The Hustle & Mafia Kiss Re-Work) by Azealia Banks
  • Galactic Zack by Fever
  • DISPLAY [ hide@BSB Remix ] by Perfume
  • Let Me See It (Divoli S'vere & MikeQ Remix) by Ynfynyt Scroll
  • Whip My Hair (Vogue Dramatics Remix) by House Machine
  • I Was Waiting On You At The Door (Vogue Remix) by @qweenbeat
  • Dramatics by Vogue
  • It's Ovaahhh by _Patrick_
9 tracks
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