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future love noise

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in the stillest. confess you feel this, pressure push until the moment stops, and the bottom drops...

out the vessel, spilling over the lip, or the whole volume on the upturned face of the Gods, holding a Bucket of Truth over your head. Pranksters play practical magick across the surface of the Joke. its a deep sentiment, at the bottom of the laughter we see something bubbling up, low fidelity bliss. distortion of the perfect, i call the same thing, blemished beauty and/ tragic names recall solemn images, standing stock still and shocked still that you touched me there! in front of everybody like that! or that you didn't hold back!
Say it! tempts me, mocks the real ideation from getting brought to light, say Creation, say water broke. the plunge depth into a consciousness we leapt after into the water broke went through you lips to the floor, say mother your day! say Sun on the way, i blow carefree through your hair be, raiment most glorious. i'm in love with the chorus, us, like eye and eye together seeing one another in another eye. too close for comfort... so lie... so glow in a darkened mood, black beautiful and violet/ you "in" to me?! or my language passe? the muster the must your things be everywhere!? i'm no housekeeper and i don't expect you to pick up after, leave it for the maid, or leave it for the raptor, i call my baby boy 'Mr. Velocity' cuz he runs everywhere and rides his bicycle like he's trying to reach lightspeed. or at least break the surface of the sound of my voice calling after him, 'Jake I LOVE YOU don't hurt yourself!' ... will he ever see this? only if he sees it in my face. I love finding myself in LESAUT's graceful presence, she don't seem to get riled by my epics. far-flung fantasies and catharsis of the hard to pump cathartic. hush murmur, my heart learn your lessons i beg of it. ...some minutes in i realize, its not like we're friends, she never asked for this/
but if sisters/can be /lovers can't we? the strange nature of the way individuals is made up. the way we put on our faces when we take the stage of, presences of other people. (fuck yeah. thick lush) i'm like rush through my accouterments and show up near naked. pants and hat?! don't be ridiculous, you'll be thankful I remembered the underwear, under there? my skin, my heart beats when you see my ink flush. mumble and rush through, a hurried appreciation of the image i made you, remember on flesh. see her turning my way? ever after and then again? she the mobius best friend, she the pymp that control my game, VO2 max volume, and shallow respiration as I FINALLY leave the dance floor, ask the tender of the bar for one more, small liquid embolism. the parched wisdom get quenched when i say, "i'm in the program... so just the soda if you please..." but, if you're comping me boodles pour it in my old lady glass, she of the curlier than a poodle's hair, mane dark and standing in the corner, where she, can, always see me. see me standing or whispering in somebody ear, "i like the way you dance when... ,,,btw, you ever heard of SYNCHRO NUTRITIONALS?" and then I sell her and her old man, a grip full. ...
sorry everyone I love it. lo-fi and being in BOI. afterall you see me name, you see me coming, you know after the fact you gonna sigh something like, fuck that niggah always leave me drenched!