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i love you more than electro

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feel the pressure there?

psychic battles within this mortal coil, who best to lead the populace, who most well suited to roil the turgid mass, and cause the STATUS QUO to crash face first into surgically redressed private(notions). a gob full of the technology jizz, trying to talk around amouthfull of semen is, a sticky situation. a new meme or a new way to think about who we are, and here_ two my heros comment on the same mix _and I just are him, like i've always been, driven by whim to speak some silliness about her and them. all the others press hard on the opposite end of this lever, and still i believer her to be the MISTRESS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL PRESSURE. she press down into my demented disbelieves at her leisure, and break alter reshape, the understanding of the way in which the world SQUIRTS. it works. and here shows my naivete, know that I know not the word for that ejaculate. pressure. as the hallmark, and the quiver of the material, the shivering tension strung hard like a drawn bow. or the back bowed and flexed, pressing, harder still against the fulcrum that will snap and flood the happy lever with the magickal elixir. drawn into this body like light into an eyeball, with a ray of liquid and my vessel a straw, refracted. ...As always it depend on the density of the medium, and she like as none I've seen in my interim. Was boys was girls made to mesh like this? Its all psychological pressure which push the lovely buttons to the point of cream. the point it seems, lost on the object which i push against, now insist that you will open under this pleasant force. and although, it has been said, 'some people do their best work sleeping,' I feel so awake during this dreaming. drawing from the immeasurable deeps, the oil of her anointing saturates my mental wickedness, and i weep hot bright like the candles light. carve me malicious symbolism, and rife with angst (or wisdom) ask the temporary sensory stimulations to guide my understanding to the next great awakening. (s)he asleep on my jock, my jaws, my arms, my alarm blares through the commensurate music we make at the dawn of the new. me and him. watch the knife like insight cut through the leverage you exerted over my psychology last night. changed my mind about somethings in somemoments sopast. so fast, so forced, the pried open box of your love like blood was the prized, not virginal, not shared ecstatic, simply the fluid by which we displaced our exchange of sect-ordered-decrements of soul stuff. thrashing in the wetness of the electrified magnetized psychic physic _et al_ nesses of what it means to be human in this fucking awesome RUNAWAY time PARADIGM

thanks for the feedback and the rec to your mix, I appreciate it.

I've got all of Fukkk Offf's work in my library, actually, he's been a favorite of mine for three years now. he just came to Montreal, hell of a fucking show whenever he's around. humble guy, too. go figure, since his tracks rip like a fucking beast.

Ahh, so good. Breathless sidechains all over the place. Esp. dig the Fukkk Off remix, have been looking fore more of his stuff since "Black Phantom:"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gEmRR8JJ8M (best on enormous speakers)

You also might enjoy my electro mix here: