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winter love

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Um, this is pretty much my music taste, right here. I do prefer the 'Both Sides Now' version of A Case of You, though. /Joni geek. A couple of tracks I hadn't heard before, too. Awesome.

she held herself so stiff. even minutes after the heater in the bar must have warmed her, from the tips of toes, to the lips that throe her suitors (cum clamorous of possession) types into paroxysms of yearning so bite

at least this nibble one night. beholden the memory until the next, ever so faint watered down whiskey, rolling the glass between your palms, here eyes are on you like ...well like eyes do, when they want an answer from you.

her soul, so readily apparent, bursting from minutely over dilate pupils, thin circular streaks of hazel gold, proffering the thing that can never be sold. a love affair. and she came to this bar for the one reason of responding to your text.

she didn't want to be the next/ notch on your bedpost. she wanted your love habit broke. a new partner every next weekend, and she lived just upstairs she could hear it when, it seemed grand, or when hushed,brief, and thereby bland.

she had no plan, just a jacket still held at the collar. and you passed a couple dollars to a confidant, a brash woman who had also haunted your bed. she made it stiff just like you said, "she'd need it as such"

she was no lamb. she was not shy. she just had only been with guys. young and dumb, full of come ons and quick to release say their piece and be out the door faster than you could wonder two thought of what for.

why this. she takes her first kiss of the hot brown liquid, her throat does a strange thing like a tic it, bobs thrice when she swallows/ and you can see a little color rise in her cheeks and no she's not as "spooked dove" as she was when she first waved hello and slid into the booth next to you.

still that collar held demure close. closed. and the talk between you just flows. like water under water in the trough of a wave. or like sea spray sharing laughter as life in a city splashes on the concrete sidewalks. somewhere, in the back of both of your minds, you know something is changing, and more than that you know you are going the same direction home.

finally 1 or two more amber liquids poured over ice in, to the conversation, your partner. that one across a familiar table from you, goes again to her throat. this time the button breaks the eyelet, and then the next, and then the shrugging "its beautiful" shoulders out of that leather jacket that must have come from an uncle or father step or otherwise further up the line/

and you find what she was hiding. she is wearing your dress.

she looks down. remembering probably the way you stomped above, and hollered and tore up dresser drawers and dumped out laundry baskets. how many weeks ago had she grabbed it. did she steal it from you some saturday afternoon in the basement with the co-oped coin-oped machines? either way, her olivine skin gleams under the brown glass shade and low watt bulb.

when she looks up, into the glow of your eyes, and can see the shock melt into awe. she knows that you know what she saw. a gift. having made the offering now. time ticks rampant. out of control can barely wait til the next decisions. splitting checks and hailing taxis.

on the street now, again she dons the leather monstrosity. you somewhat shake your head and think this child, this lamb, this glamorous prankster. its been months now, shh must thinks shh knows who i am. but you say nothing and neither does she.

the address, delivered through an opening in lexan. you lie back on the seat, and find something in your hand. fingers long, and soft from what from what?

it doesn't matter yellow doors shut, and she leads because you paid fare. the door is open and in your vestibule there she begins to ask a question. you answer silent still with lips not using confusing vernacular.

three flights walking up, and she has allowed the hem to now peek. its like an inside joke of lilacs that'd ne'er wilt. and on the landing, only one more question is asked. simple as rolling eyes just a little up. upward toward that.

and you, and you, and you. feel different this time, place your hand on the nearest jamb and for the first time in your bold life, duck you head, just the barest moment defer. she nods, this is how she figured it she was sure/

later. you still think of her when you smell lavender.