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PUT IT ON THE LIST: Shall We Play A Game?


PUT IT ON THE LIST: Shall We Play A Game? (Original Soundtracks and Themes) a mix for steve rogers
by natasha romanoff

40 tracks
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This playlist is incredible! Now I can't stop imaging Steve and Bucky watching Titanic together and crying like babies. Specially cause they both know what it feels like to freeze to death.

The moment I heard Star Wars blast out of my speakers I knew this was going to be good, full of all the songs you'd need to hear if you happened to be a super soldier who's been frozen for 70 years.

1st off this is an amazing composition of music for Steve from Natasha. 2nd, this was exactly what I needed to study for one of my film finals.

i was imagining steve's reactions to all these movies as he watches them for the first time and oh gosh it was a little heartbreaking. on another note, all of these mixes are awesome and thoughtful and you can tell a lot of work went into them. thank you so much for these!

Oh man, I am so excited to get into this one. This is absolutely perfect!

For some reason it is these mixes more than anything else that remind me how much Steve /missed/. I guess 70 years seems like an abstraction to me but when I sit down and listen to each of these playlists which are upwards of 6 hours it really grounds how much time passed. And how strange and terrible and difficult catching up must be.