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It's all Al's fault anyway


/Jules/Owen feels/.

That's it, that's the mix - young rugby champs falling in love and having to work their way through centuries of national rivalries and angst and unacknowledged feelings.

(Slow r'n'b for sex, fast paced punk rock for the "we need to talk" moments, straight rock for the matches and the last ones are just plain cute.)

Run, ruck and fuck 'im up.

16 tracks
4 comments on It's all Al's fault anyway

OMG YOU'RE A CUTIEEEEEEE - thank you so much it's amazing such a great feedback from a dj like you, like, i love how different and new you mixes can be and how many new and old song i've discovered through them I L U STAY AWESOME QuQ

I'm not taking all the responsibility for this. YOU'RE AS RESPONSIBLE AS I AM FOR THIS SHIP. (ily) (also "Run,Ruck and Fuck'im Up" YOU GENIUS)