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Just Add Adderall (Study-Hop)


30 rap and hip-hop tracks for studying, writing papers, and all nighters to keep you going. Like everything, this pairs well with adderall. Includes Cudi, Khalifa, Tinie Tempah, Childish Gambino, and Drake.

27 tracks
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Don't mean to nag, but my exams are coming up and pretty please with 10 cherries on top, please upload "Crush Finals" up again! I swear they were why I passed my finals! x

it's even better than the last one!! it covered a lot of the songs from the old playlist plus other super tunes so i got a further 4 more hours of work done... such a life saver, i don't know how to thank you!! xx

amazing mix but i swear you had another study mix without vocals? that got me through my finals so would love to see it on here again