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Spark up and listen to this hot new 2015 rap! Also a little unexpected trap thrown in too but all brand new thru and thru. Artists include Kendrick, WALE, A$AP, Logic, Berner, and many more! Enjoy!!

17 tracks
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I'm vibin to this playlist for sure. Dig all of the tracks on it. Ive got a Soundcloud and website that posts the newest/hottest rap music, feel free to throw that music on any of your playlists, id appreciate it. ThisDopeSong

I love every single one of your playlists. And I just wanna say I appreciate them and I listen to them on constant repeat. This particular one is ONE of my favs from you. Keep up the good work!

@bsydney_c Thank you so much! I really appreciate the love! , I try to make a playlists I believe is good enough to throw on, listen to all the way through, and hopefully listen more than once. So honestly, I appreciate your recognition because I also listen to all these songs on constant repeat, in hopes of making a great playlist. I'll keep it up just for you!