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A Second Hello to America


As a very small and very lost little girl from Europe, I can tell you that regardless of how many Americans I have met who claim that they would *love* to live on my side of the pond; the grass is always greener on the other side. US accents are a lot prettier than you suspect, and your style is simply sublime.

On a side note: Cassidy Sacre is my artist recommendation of the year. Look up his SoundCloud, you won't regret it.

Including the Avett Brothers Deer Tick, and alongside many more.

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and while the Pogues aren't American and the song was written by a Scotsman- Ewan Mccall- Its a splendid wonderful beautiful song- thank you.

Yes, thank you! I cheated a little bit (the Pogues quite clearly feature a highly un-American twang in their singsong voice), and I was going to make a comment about it in the description when I ran out of space... so thank you for pointing it out! I will most certainly check out Utah Phillips, and your kind words are most appreciated.

Outstanding , eclectic mix of authentic American Musicians. You might also like Utah Phillips. GBA and I'm Irish.