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Bleach Your Hair & Denim Like It's 1997


1990s indie rock is delicious. Lots of lo-fi. Lots of off-key singing. Lots of guitars.

In an alternative universe, I would have dyed hair, a nose piercing, lots of make up and an electric guitar and be the lead singer of some bad-ass 90s indie rock band. Unfortunately, I'm very romantic,a little bit shy, and I don't know how to shout at people - so I live vicarously through the music and dance in my room when no one is watching, pretending like I know how.

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awesome mix... reminds me of the fishnets under shredded jeans, $2 punk shows and clove cigarettes of my teens. side note though - big dipper has some weird skips. you might want to upload it again.

Wow, you're right! That's the darnest thing. The only file I have of that song seems to have decided to be a flitterhat, so I'll have to download it again somehow, have a stern word to tell it off and then sort it out again for good - I'll try to do that as soon as I can. Thanks a lot! You are lovely x