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A very wise boy once told me he liked music that resembled weather patterns. Crescendos, as it were, embedded in random fluctuations to remind us that we really are only as natural as we allow ourselves to be.

...and I know it's a bit cheeky to include the Decemberists twice in one mix like this but gosh, if they aren't just the prettiest.

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This mix is amazing! All of the music you chose flows seamlessly together and your music selections are wonderful. I also really enjoyed your description of music in relation to the weather. Very clever ;) this is probably my new favorite mix.

My goodness gracious! How very kind of you to say, thank you, I'm glad! You know, I have to confess: Tunng is quickly becoming one of my absolute favourite bands, so I definitely suggest you check them out in more depth as they definitely fit into this sort of category! x