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Nineteen Sixty-Six


I can't decide what part of the 1960s I like the most: the swooning protests of political folk-tivists, the hushed baritones of the sympathetic blue-eyed soul singers, or the neon-fuelled psychedelia that drips down the back of your throat.

26 tracks
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Good mix, but I'm not sure if all these songs were released in 1966, as the title suggests. In fact, I KNOW "Lay Lady Lay" by Bob Dylan wasn't released until 1969.

Eh? Oh, no no. I'm very sorry if the title is misleading - nowhere near all songs in this mix were released in 1966! This is just an overall 60s mix with a stupid name, haha. When you play the mix, you'll see a little date alongside the title/band/album; I made very sure to add dates to all for the curious :) Thanks for pointing it out anyway!