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Set My Heart Free {Malory/Caiter}


This is for our wasp and his little honeybee! :) The background is honeycomb and Amsterdam, which I thought was appropriate... Happy birthday to Malory and to my favorite person! ;)


Caiter could have climbed mountains on the look in his eyes alone. “You didn’t leave me; the least I can do is return the favor. For now, and for forever. You can’t get rid of me too easily.”

“I’d never want to,” Caiter wheezed, and his mouth was brushing against Malory’s face, and they were so close, and he never wished to be anywhere else again, so long as he lived. “I always want you, no matter what version of you I get. As long as it’s you, it’s love.”

Malory kissed the top of his head. “And as long as it’s you,” he murmured, “I’ll always be what and who and where you need me to be.”

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