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Scottish Hip-Hop


Scottish hip-hop's cursed by the same problem all hip hop that isn't US gangsta rap suffers from: lack of recognition! That don't mean there's not some fucking big tunes coming out, here's a quick playlist of a few top quality releases from the past year or so.

Featuring heavyweights like Loki, Eastborn, Werd and Madhat McGore

Apologies for the terrible tags, but 8tracks decided you can't edit soundcloud tracks anymore =/

Picture credit: http://scotlandstandup.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Give Us A Little Love feat. Skvillain & Mr. Bigz (Prod by Dale A Thomson) by Madhat McGore
  • Politics Shmolitics by Kid Robotik ft. Louie
  • Get Out Ma Headspace by Stanley Odd
  • Get A Move On (Mr Scruff Remix) by Werd (SOS)
  • Stargazing (Daydreamer's Anthem) by Monolith
  • 08 Athens of the North (ft.Reachout & Adam Holmes) by CatchKlick Emceez
  • Short) by Woke up on the Wrong Side (Novelistt, Blasfima Sinna & Conscious Route produced by J
    Track name "Woke Up on the Wrong Side". Artists "Conscious Route feat. Blasfima Sinna & Novelistt. Produced by J-Short
  • 10 Way Of Life by DropZoneRecords
    Artist is "Eastborn" and album is "Word Perfect".
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