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Holy shit this playlist is amazing. Every song fits so well and a lot of them make me want to cry, they capture that fragile, morbid but flooded with light, feeling that is Gansey. And it's a really lonely playlist too. :( I've probably listened to it five times this week and it's basically going to be on repeat as much as 8tracks will let me

bro. track two and you already got me cryin. east by sleeping at last is like my new #1 gansey song, holy crap, and u. u put cant help falling in love on here. take my hand take my whole life too. im cryin a little, this is so good, thank you

@batterwitchofhope I'm listening to this again and the fucking last song. man I feel you so hard core. I feel so creepy leaving 3 comments on this playlist. but !!!!! DUDE.

@batterwitchofhope thank you!! all of sleeping at last's stuff has kinda trc vibes for me, and east always makes me think of gansey. also.... i may have shed a few tears while listening to can't help falling in love... lmao

.... I posted that comment before I finished. Still KILLER. But predatory wasp came on when I had this open in a different tab. I gasped, slammed my hands on the table and shuffled through too many tabs to come and yell at you. FRAKKING BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! Gorram.

@astralaria thank you!! predatory wasp of the palisades is one of my all time favourite songs and after reading trc i couldn't stop thinking of it as a quintessential gansey song, i mean it mentions wasps/bees, insomnia, loving your friends, etc etc. also i've been working on this mix for quite a long time now so i'm glad to hear that you're enjoying it!! :)