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in the dark


Cover art by http://happyisahabit.tumblr.com - Thanks so much!

"...they knew fear as a childhood friend. The cycle of it, ebbing and flowing with the whims of - well, mostly of Medusa - was nothing new to them. Sometimes, though, it was difficult to keep in check. Especially when they were attempting to let go of it for truly the first time.
It was quiet inside Soul’s and Maka’s apartment. However, it didn’t comfort Crona in the least. Not even with the hall light on and the window open."

A Soul Eater / Crona fanmix. For Crona Week 2016.

Tracklist: http://twentyone-cronas.tumblr.com/post/137690753886/this-gorgeous-cover-art-was-done-by-happyisahabit

9 tracks
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