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"At first we were human like anybody else. But the Goddess chose us and now we're immortal protectors. Magic archangels, way above mortals and yet, not gods. Everybody looks up to us like living miracles, but the truth is... there's no glory in being cursed to watch the world you love die and be reborn, war after plague. It's a neverending cycle of madness and evercrushed hope and it doesn't matter how strong any of us is, we all eventually get willingly reckless, or even worse... mad.

What are we? Weapons... demigods... just vessels for the most powerful magic ever known? There's just so much that we can take, but immortality in a mortal world... nobody should bear such a cruel blessing."

(Mix inspired by my novel ^^)

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ups, sorry for the typos ^^ I wanted to say: is it still in progress or did you finish writing it ? have a great day!

@Aeriella Aahah don't worry! This, in fact, is finished. It was my first big story, 5 years to complete the book! Though it's not published yet. But somedayyyy!! By the way, I'm very happy that you like the mix *w*

Hello: ) wow, I love this mix, and I was glad to discover you have created another great story! Is it still in progress