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songs to fall in love to


Originally inspired by Halsey saying she wants us to lose our virginties to young god, this was supposed to be a playlist with sweet songs to lose your virginity to but I decided it can be a "love and love making" playlist lollll. I think this playlist is outstanding if I'm going to be honest. This playlist is also for calming. Let me know if you made out or anything more to this. Enjoy and make sure to follow my twitter @ halsthetic and Instagram @ liberty.wrayette

23 tracks
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Holy Crap!!!! You pratically used most of the songs that I love and fits for the theme!!You even included habits of my heart omgggggg!!!!!!!!! You made the playlist I wanted to!!! You're awesome!!! I simply love to find people with the same insight as mine! =DD yassss

GUYS!!! It's only been 5 days or so and you have already gotten this playlist so far! This is so amazing. I'm glad you all like it as much as I did