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And Miles to Go Before I Sleep


I know I haven't made a playlist in a while because of college. I'll make it up by giving you one of the longest collection of covers and remixes out there.

06/17/14 - Added 11 great tracks!

Here's to the late nights!

Check out Part II:

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2 comments on And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Ridiculously awesome mix. Because of the length I can loop it to run forever. Not kidding - between listening to this at home, at work and on my motorcycle while commuting between the two - I have listened to this for a week non-stop.
Great selection of songs. Right mix between chill and belt-it-out sing-a-longs...
If you need to take a break to produce such a monster playlist, then take your time - I'll keep my eyes open for your next one...

@indrek.viller I'm glad you like it! I do exactly the same thing. I listen to this regardless of what I'm doing. it works so well. I actually don't plan on making a second playlist like this. Instead, I'll be adding songs to this one.