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Pure Imagination Writing Mix


Ficmix/writing playlist for my Wonka!Derek fic 'Pure Imagination'

This mix is all the instrumentals from my writing inspiration mix. Check out the other Pure Imagination mix for songs with lyrics.

15 tracks
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Thank you!! I can't find anywhere to download their songs though. The only site I found with download links kept redirecting me to this dodgy flash player it wants me to get ;;;;

@town-of-spectres I had a brief phase where I was really into Visual Kei and J-Rock. I downloaded as many albums as I could get my hands on and Elm's Dream Theater was one of them. If you google 'visual kei elm' it's pretty easy to find out more about the band but since I found them randomly by digging through visual kei blog recs 5+ years ago, I can't really tell you where to get the song itself, sorry