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A Falsely Accused Hero

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One day, it came all to pieces when you failed to protect your king's daughter who you were sworn to protect.

Now held responsible, you were exiled to an island only filled by grief, and revenge. So you tell yourself, " I will find the man, destroy him, and my anger will be satisfied!"

You join with fellow comrades, defeat your enemy, and say," My deed is done, yet I still didn't do my job, and failed. I must leave. Good bye my King , my friends, and my people."

  • SkyWorld by Two Steps From Hell
  • After the Fall 1 by Nick Phoenix & Thomas J. Bergersen
  • Norwegian Pirate by Two Steps From Hell
  • The New Earth [No Choir] by Audiomachine : Epica
  • Survival (Rick Horrocks) by EpicMusicVn
  • from "The Two Towers" by Evenstar
  • Brotherhood by John Dreamer
    Fight, or die well!
  • Facing His Destiny by sheko13
  • An Ominous Place by The Witcher Soundtrack
  • Goodbye Brother by Paris23_
  • Dearly Beloved by Kaoru Wada
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