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The Magic Kingdom

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Campaign soundtrack for Changeling the Lost set in Southern California's Disneyland Park.

  • This Day Aria by Music Box Cover
  • Rule of rose The Attic by Rachel Tylutke
  • Duskwood by Warcraft
  • Laura ~Reprise~ (Silent Hill 2 Cover) by myuu
  • Music Box by gl!nn
  • Michael Andrews/Donnie Darko Score by Liquid Spear Waltz (Double Vision Astigmatized Tunnel Remix) [Anableps in DC]
  • Rule of Rose_the bird of happiness_Backbiting_soundtrack_O.o by Mohamed Esmat O.o
  • Once Upon A December (Cover) by littlebearblue
  • Hide And Seek (Emily's Theme) by John Ottman
  • To Zanarkand by 植松伸夫
  • Slenderman by Anatoly Flyers
  • Tanaris by Warcraft
12 tracks
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