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French selection


Because, being french, I am often astonished at the awesomeness of some french tracks foreign music lovers include in their mixes, I decided I would try to return the favor. Here comes good french stuff.

Be aware that I did not put any Dance nor Oldies (well you might find a few Oldies, they went well with the mood of the mix), mainly modern Pop-Rock, Alternative stuff and Ballads.

38 tracks
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Je veux étudier cette langue, et cette collection m'a permis de decouvrir beaucoup de nouveaux artistes francais! Merci!

Wonderful mix! :)

I've been looking forever for french music with french lyrics, to help my studying the language...

I love french, but finding music is sometimes too hard... Your mix really helped! Thank you <3

p.s.: I really wish you made more of these wonderful playlists ;)

Je suis brésilien, e je ne parle beaucoup du français, mais je irai habiter en france e je écoute votre selection tous jours. C'est très agreable!! Tu as facebook? Si te plaît, tu peux me parler sur la France avant qui j'habite en france...