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the squad, vol. 1


a mix about us, the rare ones that bridge the gap between the 20th and the 21st century. about group chats, tweet threads, shows. about convention centers, airports, and all other buildings in the world graced by our presence, dealing with our unceasing adrenaline and platonic vibes.

but of course, this mix is about, again, us. about the nest, the stronghold, the home. about the unofficial mothers that teach their daughters strictly but lovingly, herding them around like ducklings across the street; about the teenagers that will one day meet in the flesh, and hold each other tight, swaying back and forth and wishing in the back of their minds that this could be the life they live now. then again, it kind of is.

“you are my friend forever now. i am never letting you go.” - lace

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This continues to be one of my favorite playlists, with great tracks, a great cover, and a great note! Thank you for making this!