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Infinity and beyond.


An anime soundtrack mix for the ones who are thinking about the past, living in the present, and striving towards the future, infinity and beyond.

A mix perfect for studying; this mix includes soundtracks from Laputa: The Castle in the Sky, Sword Art Online, Full Metal Alchemist, and more. Talented anime music composers include Joe Hisaishi, Yuki Kajiura, Tenmon, and others.

Hope you will feel inspired by this mix! Enjoy.

17 tracks
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Thank you for this playlist. My wife is going through a difficult time right now and last night was especially bad. For bedtime I put on this play list and the music just moved her. In less than 5 minutes her emotional state went from extreme depressions and despair to calm and joy. Music is a true gift from God and this collection is perfect to fill whatever hole you have in your sole. Thanks again.