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i've made this mix especially for you guys who deal with anxiety and panic attacks. i get them quite a lot and there are 2 things that work - music, and breathing. so this mix is made to help u with both of them. i love u

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Thank you so much, i have only have been dealing with panic attacks and anxiety recently and its hard. Today i had one and everyone was laughing in class i was never so embarresed

I love this mix. I've had panic attacks and anxiety for 4 years now and the only thing that calms me down is music. So thank you for making this mix, it's nice to know someone else understands. I'm sorry that you deal with panic attacks and anxiety, I know how terrible it is. :)

I usually never comment on stuff.. but I just couldn't pass on this one... I know it's a bit old but yet, it's AMAZING. I don't really have panic attacks so I can't tell how it feels like but I get quite anxious sometimes.. and hearing this playlist just made me forget all the stress and think about how small we all are:) I hope you'll see this btw.. Stay strong!