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Por qué, Pablo? Por qué?


This is a playlist for my best friend, Pablo, for her birthday and because I love her. So happy birthday!! Its so crazy that you are 18 now, i still can't belive it.The last 8 years with you have been awesome, hopefully many more to come. I cant find the right words to say how amazing you are, even though you drive me crazy sometimes. You make me laugh; we are the crazeist people together; you understand when I'm not in the mood; we hate the same people; we're both weirdos; I love our danceparties and our late night baking sessions; we spent a lot of adventures together but we need more; maybe we should go out more but I love staying in with you, watching stupid tv shows;... continues in comments <3

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I could fight the rest of the world with you; we need more cute photos, we should totally adopt a baby totoro and move into a cool ass tree house in scottland; I guess you're my soulmate; I can't say how much I wanna be your best bro forever so I let the music speak (that mans you need to listen to the lyrics sometimes;)), so there's your playlist. This playlist is a mixture of songs that remind me of us, songs I dediecate to you and many gooey pop songs about friendship. From time to time I will add more songs.
Have a great day even though I can't be with you (we gonna catch up when you're back). Happy birthday, I love you so so much (hdsdldijmpk).
with love, Huanita <3.