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They met at an house party with loud music and red cups.


She was a brunette easy at rolling her eyes, he was a cocky boy with a backward snapback that looked like he could surf, but he couldn't. She didn't really want to be there, he noticed her straight away. He told her drunk words of love and she refused the drink he was handing her. "I'm gonna make you mine" he said, slurring, "Of course", she answered an ironic smile. The night went on and the stars got brighter, she found herself sitting on a bench outside the house, cross-legged, an empty beer by her side. He came after her, just like he's been doing all night. 3 am conversations are made of long pauses, sleepy voices and whispered laughters. They tasted the alcohol in each other mouths. That night she slept wearing his t-shirt and his arms.

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