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true blue


"i'm always thinking about girls. i'm popular with ALL the ladies in lindblum!"

making them swoon and stealing their hearts-- a mix that's almost a little shallow, but is only the outermost layer of a boy with pure gold slipping through the cracks.

a playlist for final fantasy ix's zidane tribal, set before/early on in the game (w/ flickers of his budding feelings for a particular princess).

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PERFECT!! Nicely arranged. I think these songs do a great job of capturing Zidane's demeanor alongside his budding feelings for Dagger. (And a great job of maintaining the swing-like game atmosphere!)

@RLGraham thank you so, so, so much for your lovely and thoughtful comment! zidane is such a multifaceted character... and i can't help but love each and every layer of him! thank you, again! X