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Well, don't just lay there! Wake up!

The possibilities are endless on a beautiful day so:

1. Throw the covers off and get out of bed...slowly! We don't want any pulled muscles.

2. Fuel up. Grab some caffeine and breakfast. I suggest coffee and blueberry buckwheat waffles, but that's your call.

3. Shower and get dressed. Pop a pain reliever if you have a pesky hangover and HYDRATE.

4. Now, you're ready. Get on out there and make something of the day. Don't waste it!

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7 comments on Let's go!

I don't know if you buy records, but Sunny Day Real Estate has this coming out for Record Store Day (which is Saturday). It's the first new SDRE track in forever. Also, I just started this mix and what a lovely opener!

Wow, thanks for passing that along and for remembering my penchant for SDRE! Did I mention you might now be my favorite person on 8tracks?!

I had planned to visit my favorite local record shop on Saturday, but had NOT seen this offering listed on their website or otherwise. I'll keep my eyes wide open for it now that I know. Thanks again!

I think SoundCloud might have swapped out your version of Banquet for a shitty copy played on French radio...unless your version was a shitty copy played on French radio, in which case, never mind.

Umm, thanks for telling me because that is definitely NOT my version. Ugh, SoundCloud!

It's my own fault really. Generally, I double check all SoundCloud versions, but this one was made in a flash. Oh well. It's fixed now. Sorry to anyone who heard the rotten version :)

In high school, we listened to Flood on repeat on LSD for about 8 hours straight one time. You could say Flood is permanently etched into the very fiber of my being!