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No man can surpass his own time, for the spirit of his time is also his own spirit. -- Georg Hegel

Despite how much time passes, nothing takes me back to the 90s and my teenage years quite like visiting home for a long weekend, sleeping in my old room, and reminiscing with old friends I haven't seen in years.

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Ahh, I'm jealous!! I've not been so fortunate. Though, actually, the impetus for making this mix was reminiscing about my trip to lollapalooza in '95, the year that Sonic Youth headlined. That show blew my mind. From there the mix sorta morphed to include other bands I saw in the 90s (the exception being Nirvana).

Oh nice! I have seen Sonic Youth 3 or 4 times, including when they did the complete Daydream Nation album, which was awesome. I never got to see Nirvana, though I did go to Lollapalooza '94, where Nirvana would have been except for that whole shotgun thing. So sad. I saw the Breeders there though. And I have seen Pavement elsewhere. Woo!

Oh man, '94 was also a good year to go! Woulda been better with Nirvana, but what are you gonna do...

I was only 14 when I went to lollapalooza so it's safe to say the bands there left an impression on me during my formative years. In fact, I probably overuse Sonic Youth in my mixes because of this, but I don't care. They're tops in my book!

I still have a VHS tape of live recordings I taped from MTV's 120 Minutes on it, and one of the songs is SDRE's "Seven." Such great memories!

Nice cover. There must be others! But I can't think of one myself. And regarding that VHS tape, perhaps I'll re-create it in mix form! If I can figure out how to do that. I could do it without the live performances, since I bought pretty much every band on it, with the exception of MC 900 Ft. Jesus (no judgments here if you like them, but I was not a fan), but that wouldn't be as exciting.

DO IT!! There's gotta be a way! That would be amazing! And live would be more exciting, but I'd listen to either. If it comes to fruition, you can expect I will be the first to push the play button.

Also, concerning the covers...there may be others, but I haven't heard any. So if you become aware of one you'll have to let me know...even if it's complete crap.