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Songs to Thinspire

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I did press thumbs down already actually, but thanks for suggesting it. It's really just the word thinspiration that gets to me. it just reeks of poor body image and submission to a culture that hates us.

well, she got a thumbs up from me because this is a great mix, which is what I understood to count on a music website.

And just to be devils advocate for a moment: if it comes down to personal happiness, how can you speak for someone else by demeaning someones desire to change their body?

stumbleupon directed me here and I seriously just don't think this is okay. whatever your body looks like when you feel good mentally is right for you. if you're not happy with how you look, getting thinner won't make you happier. you've got to love yourself a little more unconditionally than that.
work out to feel good, not to get this fucked up society's approval.

As stated in the description this is my workout mix. It doesn't say "Listen to this mix and you'll suddenly be skinny” or “Listen to this mix and don’t eat anything.” It is a fun mix that you can listen to while working out, that’s it. It is completely ridiculous to say that working out won’t help you improve your body image. If you feel like you need to lose a few pounds, or you need to lose a lot of weight, do whatever makes you happy. Why sit around and do nothing? If you love yourself, love your body and treat it right. To treat your body right and to be healthy you need physical exercise. If you don’t like it, press thumbs down and stumble on.