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Bonkai Fic & Lyrics "I Don't Believe You" Playlist #5


OneShot | Tuesday ! Dec. 1st-Dec. 7th: Featuring a very special Bonkai fanfic by one of ours, Lindz ;)

"I Don't Believe You" By Goddess Freyja | iddieforkai


Cover Art by @likeouch | Becky

There is a special track that was made by me a "Bonkai" remix #21 ! I hope you enjoy;)

Very sorry about the last couple weeks of not posting the songs on 8tracks, my mom had her knee replacement surgery done and it's been CHAOTIC. Not to mention my music downloader decided to be finicky. *yay!* We are amending that! And slowly working out the kinks my beautiful Bonkamly babies xxOO!

Love you guys and thanks sooo much for doing this with us, it means a lot

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