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The Parallel Universe


9 songs that will take you to another place if you're in the mood to leave reality for a while. It's as chill as chill can be. If you lit up a bowl and want to kick back, I urge you to put this on. If you're feeling a little down, this will take your mind to a deeper place. And even if you're just content with life and want to relax, just let the music take you away.

8 tracks
3 comments on The Parallel Universe

Nevermind, I looked it up. Should've known that was Santana playing... Damn, I got my hopes up thinking they mixed the entire album. Awesome song.

Hooly hell. Wasn't expecting the blues guitar on "Sideways" definitely isn't the regular studio recording. Who's the guitarist? Did they do a compilation of the entire "Clarence Greenwood Recordings" album?