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The Knight & the Tower


Tracks that sparkle with magic and sweeping fantasy lands, of adventure clashing happily with romance. A wandering knight rescues a princess from a tower, only to find them transformed into a prince every time the sun sets.

Fourth in a collection of LGBTQ fairy tales.

35 tracks
2 comments on The Knight & the Tower

I love your descriptions as much as your playlists <3 have you written these stories? If so, where might I find them? :D

@RunawayRabbit Actually, yes! I write a queer fantasy webcomic called Shaderunners that you can find over at shaderunnerscomic on tumblr! Thank you so much, your comment made my day! :)

@linkeepsitreal so I've run through all that you've got of that and gotten a few friends started on it. It was fantastic, I was happy about every character and everything everyone said. You have excellent taste. :D I'm excited to dig into anything else you write, as soon as you've written it. <3

@RunawayRabbit Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it :DD We have big plans for Shaderunners but we also do short comics occasionally, so hopefully more will be forthcoming soon! Thanks so much for your support, it honestly means the world to me!! :D